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Month: July, 2012


Ambitious Australian trio SEEKAE never fail to sky-rocket in all their endeavours. Their infectious debut The Sound Of Trees Falling On People released on Rice Is Nice in 2008 seemed hard to beat. However, after changing their scope on what their new album was to become, they produced +DOME, a dignified, compelling and mature work of art. Each track on the emotive album offers a different experience, as depicted by tracks such as the heart-wrenching vocals on ‘You’ll,’ the glistening melancholy of ‘Mingus,’ and the intriguing haunt of ‘Reset Head.’ Since the release of +DOME, SEEKAE have received nothing but mountains of respect and gratitude, particularly internationally.

Mojo Magazine, LA Times, LA Music Blog and The Fader all had nice things to say about the band and the new album. Not to mention scoring Mojo’s title as Electronic Album of the Month and being placed at number five in LA Music’s Top Ten Avant Garde Releases of 2011.

The success of their second LP also saw them touring Japan, America, England and Europe before returning home to play a sold out show at the Sydney Opera House as a part of Sydney’s Vivid Festival. It was this particular gig that showcased the group’s incessant growth as they played with an eight-piece string ensemble. They also introduced to their crowd a charming new component to the sounds of SEEKAE-incorporating lyrics to their songwriting and live vocals. It was due to this that they were invited back to the Opera House to perform a live version of ‘Yech’ in order for it to be filmed. With a backdrop of Sydney Harbour at sunrise, the unreleased track was entered with warmth and colour.

The band continue to keep busy after just announcing that they will be playing an Australian tour along the East Coast from late August to early September. The tour will showcase both old and new SEEKAE tracks and will be supported by Kangaroo Skull and Thomas William.

Tickets on sale now!

The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

The Zoo, Brisbane

The Basement, Sydney

The Basement, Sydney

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Shady Lane Announce Built Guilt Album Launch

Take a bag of rice. It’s full of grains that are rather nice. Now add some quality music to it and you’ve got yourself a bag of tasty nourishment. One of these tantalising grains is Rice Is Nice’s SHADY LANE-the wonderfully crafted project created by Jordy Lane (also a member of Sydney’s Richard In Your Mind).

As a follow-up to SHADY LANE‘s debut, Here We Go, Down The Black Hole (2009), the outfit have recently released their mind-altering record Built Guilt. Unlike the first LP where Jordy basically recorded and produced the entire album in his bedroom, Richard In Your Mind‘s bassist Conrad Richters and live band members Pete Avard (on drums) and Sarah Jullienne (on synths) recorded with Jordy in order to encapsulate the essence of a live band.

For such a terrifically twisted album, why not celebrate with an album launch? Catch SHADY LANE play Sydney’s Brighton UP Bar on Oxford Street Friday, 3rd August. It will be here that you are enabled to become emotionally attached to Jordy himself as he traps you inside his fluffy vocals and dreamy piano in ‘Stretching Mr. Meds Over A Spit.’ If you’re feeling a little more obscure, perhaps you’d prefer to go on a quest with ‘Fluff ‘n’ Stuff’ as the track takes you on a technological journey, leaving you feeling as though you’re stuck inside a 1980s arcade game. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, push the record’s versatility by simply losing your mind to the insanity that is ‘Mother Mountain Rabbit.’

The Sydney three piece will be accompanied on the night by the playful duo Fishing, along with a special Megastick Fanfare DJ set.

So go buy yourself a pre sale ticket for only $10 a piece HERE. Alternatively, acquire entry on the night for $12 on the door.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with their ‘Convenient Face Hinge’ clip. Who doesn’t want to see a puppet devour baked beans, drive a car and down a bunch of pharmaceuticals?

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Total Carnage-Sweet Valley (Nathan Williams of WAVVES new project)

If you thought Wavvves sounded quite different to King Of The Beach, wait until you hear Stay Calm-Nathan Williams’ debut release for side project SWEET VALLEY.

The Wavves frontman has teamed up with his brother Kynan Williams and has brought to the table a delicious Summer cocktail consisting of fruity guitar, tropical synths and distorted lyrics that make you feel as though you’re underwater.

Their first single, ‘Total Carnage’ opens with a chopped up sample of Frank Valli and the Four Seasons ‘Bye Bye Baby.’ About ten seconds in, it sounds as though the track has been sabotaged by a combustion of instruments. From this point on, everything is on loop and you are ironically told to “Stay calm,” regardless of how busy everything seems to have become.

Although excessively enigmatic, SWEET VALLEY‘s first single offers a real fun, danceable, surf vibe which makes it impossible to listen to sitting still. Even the folded-arm variety will powerfully feel the need to bop along!

Since co-producing the record with John Hill (SantigoldM.I.A.) Williams has been interested in exploring and experimenting with sounds other than his signature punk, lo-fi, garage rock. In an interview with Spin earlier this year, he explained, “I wanted to make a soundtrack to getting drunk this Summer, and this is what I thought it should sound like.” With ‘Total Carnage’ possessing electronic, LSD infused beats, I think it’s safe to say that the entirety of Stay Calm will be easily partied to.

The sweet and sunny bliss of Stay Calm will be available to your ears 8th August and is to be released via Fool’s Gold Records.


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New Navy ‘Breathe’ (Télépopmusik Cover)

Listen to an electronic song. It’s full of synths, beats and percussion. Now scrap most of the elements but keep the main focus of the song and add your own style. This is what Australian band NEW NAVY did with Telepopmusik’s ‘Breathe.’

Originally off the album Angel Milk from electronic, downtempo trio Télépopmusik, the tune primitively sounded like a mellowed out Portishead track. Now with the NEW NAVY boys’ rendition, expect to experience a roller coaster ride as the building layers tend to ascend and descend in energy. Ben’s dreamy vocals open the song, scarily reminiscent to the voice of Yannis Philippakis of Foals. As it progresses, the haunting introduction develops into a fun, dance track as you’re soon to be acquainted with clean guitar twangs, hand claps, bongos, egg shakers, bass drums and possibly some subtle cowbell.
The only consistent element to this cover is the vocals. Whilst listening, you may feel that the lyrics are really detached from the instrumentation. However, the affirming line, “Just Breathe” always manages to throw everything back into order.
Once you hear both of these versions of ‘Breathe,’ you’ll find that there is barely any similarities. With female vocalist Angela McCluskey in the original, the atmosphere is already set apart. The fact that both of these groups can make one song so different to one another really encapsulates authenticity, creativity and versatility. This song really works.

The cover came about as a collaboration between NEW NAVY’s record label Future Classic and sport chic clothing label Le Coq Sportif. The brand are about constantly seeking something new, fresh and authentic. As a result, both labels joined forces in order to get Australian bands to cover French classics. As well as NEW NAVY, find Scenic covering Air and Cadillac taking on Daft Punk.


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Pissed off models, cut-up toy serpents, operating tables and strawberries. You may be a little thrown at first viewing of HOT CHIP‘s ‘Look At Where We Are’ clip but I can assure that you’ll build an understanding if you give it a chance (or if you’re lazy, just read on).

Quite an obscure tale, we are presented with a twisted love story symbolising the good and the bad attributes to a relationship. We have a dominate figure who aims to save his relationship artificially by adapting to the role of Frankenstein as he operates on his partner. After being cut open, we travel through the girl’s head as if it were a vortex to find bad memories of the pair, hence why re-imaging becomes essential. Although very abstract, the clip manages to relate to your own personal relationship troubles and experiences.

Directed by experimental video artist Danny Perez (Animal Collective), the video was a collaboration between HOT CHIP, The Creator’s Project and Domino Records. To consider the melancholic beats and the haunting lyrics, “Never gonna be without each other’s love again,” you have a very complex work of art.

‘Look At Where We Are’ is an emotional track from the British electronic band’s latest dynamic dance record In Our Heads and is quite possibly their best feature yet.

Recently announced on the Falls lineup, catch HOT CHIP at Lorne or Marion Bay at the end of the year.

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This week is an elating one for ticket-holders of THE XX‘s exclusive Sydney and Melbourne shows. After going through a ballot process, some were lucky enough to snap up tickets to the sold out tour. Having won awards such as the Mercury Music Prize, reaching gold sales in Australia and platinum in the UK, being nominated for NME and South Bank awards and selling 1.3 million copies worldwide, the success of their 2009 release XX was clearly huge. Having said this, it is only exciting to see what their anticipating LP Coexist can achieve that is to be released in September via Remote Control/Young Turks. Have a peak of what is to come with their brand new single here:

To build the excitement, Sydney producer FLUME will be hitting the road with the band as the very carefully picked support slot for both Australian shows. After opening Field Day, playing the Opera House for Sydney’s Vivid LIVE, added to the Splendour In The Grass and Parklife lineups, releasing ‘I Met You’ with Anna Lunoe, remixing tracks by Hermitude, Aston Shuffle and Ta-Ku and playing sold out live shows (such as Pilerats’ Sydney Launch Party), this is just one of many achievements the young producer has made this year.

Also expecting a debut LP by the end of the year to be released via Future Classic, expect to be astonished by both FLUME and THE XX‘s performances at the Forum in Melbourne on Wednesday 18th July and at the Metro in Sydney on Friday 20th July.

The Annandale Hotel’s 12th Birthday ‘Auld Lang Syne’

Being thirteen really is an awkward age. You experience the transition from kid to.. A bigger kid. However, I guarantee you that the Annandale Hotel will hit adolescence poised and fresh. I say this as the venue is currently undergoing renovations that are expected to be completed once the ‘Dale becomes a teenager. So after a prosperous week of celebrating, it was only fitting that the Annandale blew out the candles of their twelfth birthday cake last Saturday with their sold out party Auld Lang Syne-a title signifying endings and new beginnings.

Kicking off in the afternoon with the friendly folk seven piece, LITTLE BASTARD, progressing into the evening with the heavy RAISE THE CRAZY, bopping around with indie pop group LITTLE LOVERS and absorbing the visceral punk attitude of FURTHER, you could already sense the versatility the bill had going on before the sun had even set.

As day turned into night, you were slapping thighs and sporting cowboy hats with country rock band SPURS FOR JESUS, rekindling with punk outfit THE HARD-ONS, chilling out with slacker rock trio SMUDGE, incessantly jumping around to the tight hard rock tunes of FRONT END LOADER, having a groove with the psychedelic melodies of 78 SAAB and just being totally heaved by a selection of TUMBLEWEED‘s stoner rock catalogue. To conclude an already full on bill, Australian indie group RATCAT pulled off an energetic hour long set, playing favourites such as ‘Don’t Go In The Water,’ ‘That Ain’t Bad’ and ‘Don’t Go Now.’ For a band that barely perform, they’ve definitely still got it (even if Simon Day doesn’t have a head full of hair any more).
And as if that wasn’t enough, you could hang around in the main room and have a jive to JAY KATZ‘s DJ set until 1am!

One particular highlight of the party was THE HARD-ONS‘ dedication to Bruce, also known as the “Chicken Man”. His honourable mention had him tearing up the stage with his eccentric, quirky moves during the band’s song, ‘Where Did She Come From?’

So whether you were peeling off your feet from the sticky carpet in the main room, packing yourself into the pokies cave or inhaling a tonne of tobacco outside, you definitely had a good night as the event showcased an array of both older and emerging bands.

Happy birthday Annandale!

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VELOCIRAPTOR appear as regular dudes and gals. They enjoy eating burgers, playing video games and reading comic books. But when something’s up, they’re ready to save the world. This is all evident in their clip for their brand new single ‘Riot.’

It starts off similar to that scene in Detroit Rock City where Jam’s religious mum accidentally plays a KISS record. As the track rolls in, the band venture out in order to save Cynthia. Smoking out of car windows, riding bicycles in packs and flying like superheroes, VELOCIRAPTOR sure know how to get somewhere promptly. With split screens, text boxes and brief narration, the clip may as well be a live comic book.

The clip was released last Sunday, following the track’s first stream of airplay on Triple J and is to be released on a mini-LP which will also feature the band’s earlier single ‘Cynthia.’

Initially acknowledged via Triple J Unearthed, the twelve piece action-hero band have recently signed with Create/Control-a label constructed by Dew Process which launched earlier this year, wearing bands such as THE SMASHING PUMPKINSMETRICOPOSSOM and THE JUNGLE GIANTS under its belt.

To add to this exciting emergence from the Brisbane outfit, catch VELOCIRAPTOR along the East Coast from late July to early August on the Riot Tour‘. It’s going to be super badass.

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That is what you’ll be screaming in your head the minute you press that giant, orange play button on MAT CANT‘s latest Soundcloud mix up. The Melbourne DJ and producer was initially asked to direct the mash for the Nina Las Vegas’ Mix Up Exclusive show on Triple J. After receiving such a huge response, it was played again the following Friday on the Mix Up with Deacon Rose show.

CANT kicks off with his house mix of JUSTIN MARTIN‘s, ‘Ghettos and Gardens.’ This choice of introduction sounds as though he is summoning himself which really whirls you in. As the set progresses, you’ll find that at times you’ll be waiting for a drop after an ultimate build up. Sometimes you’ll get one, but clever Mat has decided to funk this one up by adding unexpected turnarounds amongst the synthesisers, bass and most importantly cowbell. Who doesn’t love a cowbell?

Working as 360‘s official DJ, co-owning online record label Scattermusic and hosting radio show Get Low on Loose Joints, you can trust that CANT concocts a pretty dope mix up.

Merging beats from LOBSTER BOY to LIL SILVA, expect to hear a range of performers.

So if you’re up for a groove and have just under an hour to spare, check out this phenomenon. Before you get all danced up, save a jam for the man himself about 45 minutes in with his track ‘Make Believe’ which is set to be released on his next production under Scattermusic in late July/early August.

After having said all of this I should warn you-avoid listening to this anywhere between Monday and Thursday as it’s the perfect weekend tease.

The mix up is available as a free digital download. There is also 50 limited edition hard copies available so get in quick and follow this link!

You can find the track list HERE.

MAT CANT? Mat can!


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Imagine a mini festival consisting of a handful of local bands playing at one of Sydney’s most cherished live music venues. The place is over capacity, there’s happy hour and the acts are so diversely brilliant. If you were at the Rice Is Nice Party last Sunday then you would know that this party was even more exciting than the one you created in your mind.

It was the perfect idea. The Australian record label thought it was time to celebrate their older bands and artists by getting them to play with their most recent signings on one massive bill. The Annandale was to be the venue for such an event, showcasing acts SHADY LANE, SEJA, RICHARD IN YOUR MIND, SPOD, RICE IS NICE‘s newest and surprise act of the night GOOD HEAVENS, DONNY BENET, THE LAURELS, STRAIGHT ARROWS and special intermission sets by SEEKAE DJs.

The mini festival fiesta kicked off in the late afternoon and partied on just as the clock was approaching midnight. Unlike many other occasions, the night ran smoothly, with each band/artist starting and finishing at the times they were appointed.

SEEKAE DJs engulfed the audience with their ambient sounds, almost as good as any of their live shows and continued to do so in between every set for the duration of the night.

SHADY LANE were the first band to open the party with their spicy new tunes from their debut LP ‘Built Guilt.’

SEJA brought to the stage her vintage synthesisers and melodic vocals as the solo artist she now is.

RIYM enforced their kooky, playful tracks from all three LPs ‘The Future Prehistoric,’ ‘My Volcano’ and ‘SUN.’ They enhanced the party vibes with a huge fluffy prop spitting out colourful streamers for the audience to enjoy.

SPOD put on a hilarious show, allowing himself a grand introduction, swearing and handing out flowers to the audience, taking his pants off and insulting his wife. He played old songs and new material off his album that is set to be released in 2013. He deemed this his, “depressing adult album.”

GOOD HEAVENS were introduced by SPOD and acquainted their music as the newest RICE IS NICE band in the most charming way, sounding very much like their label buddies THE LAURELS. Their songs were simultaneously eerie and beautiful.

Solo act DONNY BENET played his gregarious “hits” in the most sexy/unsexy way imaginable. He also got the audience to groove to new material from his upcoming album that is to be released this year. According to his artist biography, he is hoping to become the “most famous disco accordion/jazz bassist of the 21st Century.”

It is safe to say that THE LAURELS mesmerised their audience with their powerful, ethereal sounds. They played tracks from both their EP ‘Mesozoic’ and their brand new release ‘Plains’ (physically and digitally available on the 13th of this month).

To conclude the festivities, STRAIGHT ARROWS executed a fun, care free set which influenced their crowd to create the first and last mosh pit of the night. Their fast-paced, garage tracks were introduced and described exactly as they were titled by lead Owen Penglis, “This song is called ‘Mind Control’ because it controls minds.”

Not only outstanding bands and artists to lead the night, there was also a vast variety of merchandise, happy hour (consisting of two dollar beers from SPOD‘s keg) and raffle tickets that won special prizes for lucky members of the audience.

For only ten dollars a ticket, the sold-out party was of great success and really portrayed the type of label that RICE IS NICE is.