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Month: October, 2012

WATCH: Bleeding Knees Club ‘Girls Can Do Anything’

Two girls, one bedroom, pillow fights and penis. This all sounds a bit too much like a porno, doesn’t it? Well it’s not! Cast your minds away from where they most probably just were as BLEEDING KNEES CLUB have released a clip to their single, ‘Girls Can Do Anything’!

When they’re not pricelessly reacting to the randoms of the Chatroulette world, the two girls in the clip (who are friends of BKC) spend their time dancing, roller skating and lounging around in the boys’ shirts. This all takes place in a bedroom decorated by yin and yang, Ganesh and photos of Alex Wall and Jordan Malane. If you’re any sort of BKC fan, you’d know that this clip pretty much sums up the boys quite perfectly.

It also documents some shots of the guys playing in a white room from some sweet high camera angles. All shot and edited by Toby Cregan, it’s worth a look.

“We were never gonna post it, but I guess here it is” the I OH YOU band wrote as they published it on their Tumblr. This is probably due to the multiple, uncensored viewings of the male genitalia that pops up on your screen here and there within the two and a half minute time frame.

Having said that though, the Gold Coast boys did kind of post on every single social media platform they have that they’d be filming the clip via Chatroulette. I may or may not have been wearing my Nothing To Do Tour shirt like a fourteen year old, dodging real bad images through the click of a button in the hope to see the guys appear in the left hand corner of my screen..

Aside from the Let It Go Tour (which you can read more about HERE), Bleeding Knees Club will be shooting a new film clip for the track in Melbourne on Thursday, 25th October. Be at Federation Square around 7pm for your chance of appearing in the newbie!

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ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT: Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s ‘II’

Although we’ve had a taste of UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA’s first single, ‘Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)’, we can now be completely satisfied as our Ffunny Ffrends have announced the release of their sophomore record, II.

The former Mint Chicks member, Ruban Nielson, created UMO as a bedroom project completely under wraps. After he broke free of it’s anonymity, he put a band together, got signed to Jagjaguwar and toured his psychedelic, funked up soul infused tunes with Grizzly Bear and Liars around the US.

In 2011, the band released their first record and was received extremely well, considering it’s brave entrance into the music world as they take on rock’n’roll in a rather intoxicating, exaggerated light.

As a follow up to this debut release, II was conceived. Written whilst the band were on tour, the new album explores the emotional disorder of what life is like on the road. Through Nielson’s psychedelic craftsmanship, we as an audience are presented with a surrealist viewpoint of love, loneliness and disparity.


If you’re familiar with the concoction of fruity guitars, raw vocals and lo-fi execution evidently displayed through the debut, self-titled record, expect more of it carried over into II. According to Inertia, it “builds on the break-beat, junk shop charm” that Nielson came to be musically known for through UMO’s first record.


To be released on Jagjaguwar through Intertia, look out for Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s II from Friday, 1st February 2013!

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Can you remember your first birthday? You were most probably picking at your cake, staring into the distance dismally as you were simultaneously smothering your clothes and entire body in chocolate. Oh and you probably cried lots too.

Thankfully, you probably don’t remember this new happening. However, there’s a first birthday in the post that wants you to remember every fine detail! Unless you get too obliterated off the free beverages of course..

Sydney’s The Standard is turning one and wants you to come and celebrate! Having watched a beautiful year fly past, all they want as a present is your presence.

The venue is known to showcase a variety of entertainment – from live music to comedy to art. It’s through this versatility that has kept the New York City loft looking space going. So let the Sydney folk commend them!

It wouldn’t be a party without some live music. ARIA nominated Sydney three-piece PAPA VS PRETTY will be headlining the night. Starting the band in just their teenage years, the trio have done very well for themselves. They’ve released a debut album, have played to audiences of Big Day OutSt. Jerome’s Laneway FestivalParklifeand Pyramid Rock. They’ve also supported some big names, such as the Temper TrapPhoenixSilversun Pickupsand Surfer Blood. If that isn’t a big enough success story to go and check them out then I don’t know what is.

Joining Papa Vs Pretty, New South Wales duo FISHING will also be hitting the stage. Doug Wright (Alister Wright ofCloud Control‘s bro) and Russell Fitzgibbon are pretty damn good at releasing good vibes through their sweet, electronic, happy-go-lucky tunes. They’ve explored America, England and Australia through extensive touring. Recently signing to Yes Please Records, expect pleasant things from the duo on the night!

The third name on the bill are Sydney babes PALMS. Both former members of Red Riders, Al Grigg and Tom Wallis make really, really good tunes. It’s as simple as that really well-thought sentence! In the last twelve months, they’ve supported Expatriate, Children CollideCatcallWolf & Cub and Velociraptor. They were also nominated for a SMAC award at the end of last year. Currently in the process of getting an album in the works, come and check out what these boys and their live band can do.

To complete this fantastically strung bill, SHADY LANE will also be ready to party with The Standard. From the musical workings of Jordy Lane, he recorded his latest Shady Lane record, Built Guilt, with his live band for that extra touch of detail. Come and see them play some fun and wacky tunage! If you’ve already seen the Rice Is Nice four piece play before, you realise you now have to go and tell others to come and watch this incredible act. Make sure you’re early to avoid music-lacking-disappointment!

There will also be a mural to marvel at, thanks to the Lo-Fi Collective, which pays homage to to the musicians that have given The Standard some of the greatest parties of the year.

So get down to The Standard this Thursday, 25th October. For only ten bucks, you get to watch rad bands, drink for free (until the alcohol fairies run out of booze) and party with one of Sydney’s greatest venues. Woo!

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WATCH: Shy Panther ‘Dream Catcher’ (Unreleased Track)

Western Australian band SHY PANTHER are making quite the name for themselves. They played Parklife this year, are on the edge of announcing a tour, and will be hosting a videoclip launch at Perth’s Mojo’s on the 1st November.

Not only this, they also won the MTVIGGY competition for international artist of the week. They were featured on the site, next to some pretty big names (Calvin HarrisAngus and Julia StoneSteve Aoki). As a result, the boys decided to unveil their unrecorded, unreleased track, ‘Dream Catcher’.

Shot by Harrison Moon, the same duo who visualised the group’s ‘Erving’, this little piece of magic was put together.

The vocals are quite rich and work with the keys, percussion, two drumkits and bass intensively. The draped curtain backdrop, dim lighting and mountains of musical equipment allow this clip to be expressed in a completely raw aesthetic. Although only four minutes long, the [now] six piece band prove their ability to completely mesmerise you.

Beholding something so compelling throughout the instrumentation in this tune, let Shy Panther smother you in this daydream.

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Hey hey babes and ghouls, it’s time to get sweaty in your freakish get-up this Friday as CANT SAY is celebrating Halloween early!

CANT SAY have comprised a bill that may not necessarily spook the shit out of you, but it will make you want to party.

Headlining Melbourne’s best club this week is TRUMPDISCO. Not only coming down to spin some crazy beats, they’ll also be launching their EP Warhorn. Featuring mixes from HaezerThe Phat Crew and Blisters BoyzTrumpdisco promise to make you move your feet. Check out the Warhorn EP.

Joining TrumpdiscoCANT SAY are lucky enough to be hosting Vicious Bitch‘s label party! Having just welcomed WEDNESDAY THE RAT to their super cool fam bam, Vicious Bitch will be bringing the Melbournian producer along to the party to also launch his fresh EP, Benou/Odd Cougar.

A pair recognisable on this year’s Stereosonic lineup, Canberra boys PEKING DUK will also be there to blow you away on the night.

To complete this bill, CANT SAY have a bunch of other rad DJs to keep you going all night. You’re welcome!

So get to CANT SAY this Friday for ultra party times. Be sure to dress up Halloweeny for a trick or treat! Yay for surprises!

Don’t be scared – JOIN THE EVENT HERE

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LISTEN: Ducktails ‘The Flower Lane’

So we all should know who Real Estate are by now – that dreamy indie pop quartet that release good feels no matter what mood you’re in. You love them, right?

If that’s the case, and you’re not already aware, get on board the DUCKTAILS band wagon stat! The marriage between these two bands is through the familiar face of Matt Mondanile; Real Esatating by day, Ducktailing by night. Not really though, but you get the point..

The Real Estate guitarist created this solo endeavour a few years back and celebrated with his debut, self-titled release in 2009. The music world has since seen a few more LPs come out from the inner workings of Ducktails, and are blessed to know that there is yet another on its way!

The fourth, ten-track record, The Flower Lane, will be released at the end of January of 2013. To celebrate, they’ve released the title track as the first single!


You can hear Real Estate tucked deep in the bedding of ‘The Flower Lane’. It’s as though it’s poking it’s foot out from under the heat of the heavy doona covers. However, this track dips it’s toes into a darker paradise. Still soothed with effortlessly pretty vocals, this melodic track beholds a subtle jazz element. It’s not as Summery as what you’d hear on [Real Estate’s] Days, but it still keeps you warm and happy on lazy afternoons.

What once was a solo, bedroom project, Ducktails has experienced a sense of growth as the new album was recorded and mixed in a studio by Al Carson (Peaking LightsOneohtrix Point Never). Not only that, but Mondanile has introduced collaboration as he was backed up by New Jersey band Big Troubles. He was also accompanied by Oneohtrix Point Never‘s Daniel Lopatin, Joel Ford of Ford & Lopatin/Airbird, Madeline Follin of Cults, Sam Mehran of Outer Limitz and Jessa Farkas of Future Shuttle.

To be released via Domino Records, they’ve informed us all that we can expect saxophone leads, synth lines and piano accompaniment. Look out for the record in the new year!

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INTERVIEW: Collarbones

Meeting over the Internet back in 2007, Travis Cook and Marcus Whale united their musical projects to create their electronic duo COLLARBONES. Placing themselves in the genre of “porn groove”, the fellas’ production could also be described as Chillwave and R’n’B which continues to strengthen as their musical career progresses.

Their catalogue consists of a variety of remixes and playlists, as well as their debut record Iconography that was released back in 2011. As an addition to this, Collarbones only just very recently released their sophomore LP Die Young.

Currently in the midst of their tour, Purple Sneakers caught up with Travis of the group to discuss influences, his long distance musical relationship and the progression of the group’s sound.

Apparently Marcus sooks when he doesn’t have the luxury of copious amounts of pineapple juice in his rider. Who knew?

You guys don’t live in the same states, is that hard to deal with when it comes to putting together your tracks?

It’s easy to deal with. The internet makes anything possible. Everyone has fast connections. I’m not on a 26k modem in 1997. I’m not in 2003 updating my AIM away message to a reference to The OC and how much I want to kiss Marissa Cooper. We’re a studio band.

What is your recording process like, considering the distance?

We talk enough about the tracks on Facebook chat and in person to know what direction we’re going in. A few of the tracks on Die Young stemmed from a zip file of music I made. A few stemmed from Marcus working in his bedroom. A few we oversaw and worked on together in person. We went into studios with our friends to record vocals more professionally.

What are the local music scenes like in your respective places of residence?

I wrote “Adelaide is for incestSydney’s a little more competitive, a little more industry. It’s quite varied. There are a lot of bands we like playing with in both cities, ones along the lines of our music and ones totally different.

The new album, Die Young, hit the shelves a few weeks back. What can we expect from the release?

R’n’B ballads, 4am slow motion rave, emotions, sex. Mostly sex. You can expect a new lease on life.

How do feel Collarbones has developed in the time between your debut album, Iconography, and now?

We’re making anthems for teens instead of just talking about everything from a distance and intellectualising it. We’re trying to make ourselves into the Iconography, you might say. I think we both agree embodying an idea is a lot more interesting and fun than just talking about it. I’m very interested in willing things into existence, and how important someone’s perception of you can be. We joke about being a boy band while also genuinely wanting to be a boy band. Making fun of things with a serious facial expression and intent.

Musically, Marcus is very into R&B and that’s coming through more now in his voice, and in the relaxed tempo of some of the tracks. I’m into a lot of forms of dance music and you can hear that on “Hypothermia”. I’ve been distancing myself from the glitchier hip-hop vibe slightly because I’m not finding that sound as exciting anymore. I’m just letting things run their course until I’m less interested in them and then moving on.

What influences do you take into your recorded material?

Mostly the TV shows Cybergirl and Crash Zone. Also, I believe I’m the Australian reincarnation of Mr. Oizo. And I’m really influenced by the idea of Centrelink Bourgeois. Conor Maynard, Avicii, Miguel, EDM, Aaliyah, EBM, R. Kelly, Nihilist Spasm Band, Fatima Al Qadiri, Jeremih, Hippos in Tanks, Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark, Iannis Xenakis, Genesis P-Orridge, porridge. Jeremy Scott is basing his next fashion line on us.

A lot of critics are calling you guys one of the best Electronic acts Australia has, how does it make you feel to have such intense praise considering you’re still a relatively young act?

It inflates my ego to the size of a wheat silo. We’ve started demanding coconut water. I have bodyguards. I don’t ride in a vehicle unless the windows are tinted darkly. Marcus cries if we don’t get enough pineapple juice in the rider. I am your messiah, bow to me. Bow. I implore you to tattoo my name on your butt.
I say that and someone in LA already has a little bone tattooed on her collarbone in dedication to us, so here we are with those self-fulfilling prophecies.

You’ve set out on a tour that coincides with the album’s release, so can you give us a little insight into the Collarbones live show?

Marcus has emotions. We command you to dance. We all have an emotional catharsis in the form of a rave. Airhorns. 909s. 808s. Crowd surfing. I dedicated a song to “all of the beautiful butterflies out there”. Marcus has a dirty Freddie Mercury moustache right now. We’re a band of contrasts and you can see these contrasts get up close and personal with you.

One of these show has you billed with Naysayer & Gilsun, which to me is a very interesting combination, how did this come about?

I’ve liked them for quite a while, caught them in Adelaide once, danced. We were trying to find a place to launch Die Young and they had booked The Standard before we could. We decided to join forces for the benefit of everyone in the universe. It should be some sort of party.

What else is on the horizon for Collarbones?

Scandals. Shows all over the place. A couple of festivals (OutsideIn, Newtown Festival) in Sydney and a show at the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Victoria with Teengirl Fantasy, one of my favourite bands in the world, probably, I’m never one for hyperbole.

If you want the chance of showering the boys with coconut water, catch them play the last leg of their tour while you still can!

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FLASHBACK: The Buzzcocks

Manchester saw itself in a cultural stir back in 1976. The punk era had exploded, everyone everywhere seemed to be communally pissed off and the Sex Pistols fronted an iconic show to a room of forty people at the Lesser Free Trade Hall.

A gig still talked about today, we can thank the organisers of the show Pete Shelley and Howard Devoto – the founding members of THE BUZZCOCKS.

In the same year they formed, The Buzzcocks clearly didn’t waste any time as they were quick to record and distribute their first single Spiral Scratch. Through the exposure of this ten minute EP and playing contextualised gigs, the punk group had themselves signed with United Artists by just 1977.

Between the period of Spiral Scratch and their United Artists debut single Orgasm Addict, The Buzzcocks experienced a lineup modification. Co-founding member Devoto had left the group to go out and promptly make his band Magazine happen. The group’s bassist Garth Smith had followed suit. By this point, The Buzzcocks would now consist of both Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle on guitar and vocals, Steve (Paddy) Garvey on bass and John Maher on drums.

Since signing to United Artists, they had released two singles and their debut record, Another Music In A Different Kitchen.

Being a part of the Punk movement, they controversially played on the conservative, music television program Top Of The Pops (TOTP). Although this was a very odd thing for a punk band to do, their aim was not to sellout but t0 “spread the word”.

Their chart-hogging single ‘Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)’ saw The Buzzcocks appear three times on the show, although they had played on TOTP more than double the amount of times in total.

Extremely quick with their recordings, The Buzzcocks were pretty much touring every two months by the year of 1978 as they believed that every single released was to coincide with an array of shows. They released their first two full-length records in this same year!

October 1979 saw the final Buzzcocks studio album released by United Artists. It’s imminent title, A Different Kind Of Tension was quite fitting as the relationships between both the band members and the label had become problematic.

After United Artists became EMI, the band were struggling. By 1981, The Buzzcocks turned to producer Martin Hannett (Joy Division) as their regular guy Martin Rushnet (The StranglersGeneration X) became increasingly unavailable.

Everything had pretty much turned to shit by this point as the drugged up sessions with Hannett resulted in wasted hours and catastrophe as the band saw themselves fucking around during precious studio time.

However, 1981 for Shelley wasn’t too shabby at all as his label Genetic had kicked off; not to mention the release of his debut solo single Homosapien.

Although The Buzzcocks had disbanded, they reformed in the year of 1990. After a US tour with the classic Buzzcocks‘ lineup, Diggle and Shelley have since been extensively recording and playing shows as a result of their lively reunion. With them on the road, they are accompanied by Tony Barber on bass and Phil Barker behind the drum kit.

You can trust that as long as founding member Pete Shelley is around, the sound of The Buzzcocks won’t change too drastically as he once wrote, “How I hate modern music…. How I wish it would stop.” Well Shelley, if you feel that much haste towards music in this day and age, you may as well have written that with your blood!

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LISTEN: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart ‘Jeremy’

Having not released anything since their well-received album Belong back in 2011, indie-pop heartthrobs THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART are finally back to offer us their brand new single, ‘Jeremy’.

To be physically released through Play It Again Sam, ‘Jeremy’ is the A-side of the very special covers single that the band recorded back in June at Rare Book Room.

A track once led by beautiful vocals singing over instrumentation that could easily be passed as a backing track,The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart have paid homage to The Magnetic Fields through this cover of ‘Jeremy’. Infused with a little more kick and soaring energy, the band sustain their sound that I believe resonates with the New Romantics era so blissfully. Let this jangly-pop rendition take you to a place that sits between the track’s past and present.

As well as ‘Jeremy’, the New York band have also recorded a cover of the East River Pipe‘s track, ‘My Life Is Wrong’ which will feature as the B-side of this covers single. Both recordings were chosen as they are two of The Pains’ ultimate favourite bands of all time.

Now when I say “ultimate favourite bands of all time,” I really do mean it. Peggy Wang expressed her adoration behind their new A-side, “The Magnetic Fields were a band without context. …I can look back at the time and see how the Magnetic Fields were a band that could exist outside of a context and still make me fall in love with them. I didn’t need to know if they were anyone else’s favorite band, I didn’t need to know what they looked like or where they were from or any frivolous details a hypothetical Tigerbeat interview might have divulged to me. The Magnetic Fields might have been the last band I ever unconditionally loved without ever stopping to try to understand why – just the kind of love story I hoped to one day live through.”

Although currently available digitally, ‘Jeremy’ and ‘My Life Is Wrong’ will be physically released on a very limited run of 7″ olive green vinyl on 26th October. The release of the single will coincide with the band’s European tour as they run around the continent throughout October and November.

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STEP PANTHER are just a bunch of Sydney’s rock Gods. At the close of 2011, we saw them release their self-titled debut album through Speak N Spell. As a result of their gritty, carefree, garage tunes, they were included in NME’s Top 100 list for Best New Bands of 2012.

After having just announced their Australian ‘Maybe Later’ single launch tour (one in which will be at our new Sydney club night Discovery which you can read more about HERE), we caught up with a third of the band – D-Rad – the band’s drummer and vocalist, a clear fan of the sk8er boi Paddlepop Lion doppleganger..

What is the meaning behind the name ‘Step-Panther’?

I dunno, we just got high and random-word-generated together.

You guys have been called everything from lo-fi to garage to surf to slacker to indie to rock. How would you define yourselves?


What was the last video you watched on Youtube?

I have all of Nickelback’s clips on rotation.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Teleportation so I can get to my Centrelink appointments on time.

How do you spend your down-time?

Down at the local, smoking durries, sinking tinnies and having a slap.

You’ve just announced a massive national tour. What is your one essential item to take on tour?

Our licence to ROCKKK!!

Do you have any pre-gig rituals? Animal sacrifices?

Mostly just bargaining/hassling for free drinks…….What’s the rider like at Discovery?

You guys are performing at our opening night, Purple Sneakers Presents ‘Discovery’ at the Brighton Hotel. What do you have in store?

Cold Chisel covers, open mic freestyle-battling and lots of booty shaking.

Catch Step Panther on their tour this October. We’re particularly looking at you Sydney kids. Woo hoo for the Discovery launch!


Friday, 12th October, Melbourne
Workers Club, Fitzroy
w/- Bad Dreems + Bored Nothing
Tickets at http://www.cornerhotel.com

Saturday, 13th October, Adelaide
Plus One at Ed Castle
w/- Bad Dreems
Tickets on the door

Thursday, 18th October, Brisbane
Oh Hello at Cobra Kai, Fortitude Valley
w/- Bad Dreems
Tickets on the door

Friday, 19th October, Gold Coast
Elsewhere, Surfers Paradise
w/- Bad Dreems + Little Mind
Tickets at http://www.oztix.com.au

Friday, 26th October, Sydney
Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst (Discovery launch!)
w/- Bad dreems + Bored Nothing
Tickets on the door

Saturday, 27th October, Wollongong
Yours & Owls
w/- Bad dreems + Bored Nothing
Tickets on the door

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