LISTEN: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart ‘Jeremy’

by Hannah Galvin

Having not released anything since their well-received album Belong back in 2011, indie-pop heartthrobs THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART are finally back to offer us their brand new single, ‘Jeremy’.

To be physically released through Play It Again Sam, ‘Jeremy’ is the A-side of the very special covers single that the band recorded back in June at Rare Book Room.

A track once led by beautiful vocals singing over instrumentation that could easily be passed as a backing track,The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart have paid homage to The Magnetic Fields through this cover of ‘Jeremy’. Infused with a little more kick and soaring energy, the band sustain their sound that I believe resonates with the New Romantics era so blissfully. Let this jangly-pop rendition take you to a place that sits between the track’s past and present.

As well as ‘Jeremy’, the New York band have also recorded a cover of the East River Pipe‘s track, ‘My Life Is Wrong’ which will feature as the B-side of this covers single. Both recordings were chosen as they are two of The Pains’ ultimate favourite bands of all time.

Now when I say “ultimate favourite bands of all time,” I really do mean it. Peggy Wang expressed her adoration behind their new A-side, “The Magnetic Fields were a band without context. …I can look back at the time and see how the Magnetic Fields were a band that could exist outside of a context and still make me fall in love with them. I didn’t need to know if they were anyone else’s favorite band, I didn’t need to know what they looked like or where they were from or any frivolous details a hypothetical Tigerbeat interview might have divulged to me. The Magnetic Fields might have been the last band I ever unconditionally loved without ever stopping to try to understand why – just the kind of love story I hoped to one day live through.”

Although currently available digitally, ‘Jeremy’ and ‘My Life Is Wrong’ will be physically released on a very limited run of 7″ olive green vinyl on 26th October. The release of the single will coincide with the band’s European tour as they run around the continent throughout October and November.

Published on Purple Sneakers.