WATCH: Bleeding Knees Club ‘Girls Can Do Anything’

by Hannah Galvin

Two girls, one bedroom, pillow fights and penis. This all sounds a bit too much like a porno, doesn’t it? Well it’s not! Cast your minds away from where they most probably just were as BLEEDING KNEES CLUB have released a clip to their single, ‘Girls Can Do Anything’!

When they’re not pricelessly reacting to the randoms of the Chatroulette world, the two girls in the clip (who are friends of BKC) spend their time dancing, roller skating and lounging around in the boys’ shirts. This all takes place in a bedroom decorated by yin and yang, Ganesh and photos of Alex Wall and Jordan Malane. If you’re any sort of BKC fan, you’d know that this clip pretty much sums up the boys quite perfectly.

It also documents some shots of the guys playing in a white room from some sweet high camera angles. All shot and edited by Toby Cregan, it’s worth a look.

“We were never gonna post it, but I guess here it is” the I OH YOU band wrote as they published it on their Tumblr. This is probably due to the multiple, uncensored viewings of the male genitalia that pops up on your screen here and there within the two and a half minute time frame.

Having said that though, the Gold Coast boys did kind of post on every single social media platform they have that they’d be filming the clip via Chatroulette. I may or may not have been wearing my Nothing To Do Tour shirt like a fourteen year old, dodging real bad images through the click of a button in the hope to see the guys appear in the left hand corner of my screen..

Aside from the Let It Go Tour (which you can read more about HERE), Bleeding Knees Club will be shooting a new film clip for the track in Melbourne on Thursday, 25th October. Be at Federation Square around 7pm for your chance of appearing in the newbie!

Published on Purple Sneakers.