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Month: November, 2012

FLASHBACK: Portishead

Take a “tea-boy” and a bar singer. Throw in an unemployment agency and a pair of musical-open-minds. These are the prime ingredients of how Bristol band, PORTISHEAD came to be of existence!

The name came about as it is the what the suburb is called in Bristol, England where the band’s co-founding member Geoff Barrow grew up. Not being much of a fan of the suburb of Portishead, Barrow upped and left when he was promised a job at Bristol’s recording studio, Coach House (it was here where he served tea to the executives).

After watching bands come in and out of the Coach House’s doors, Barrow itched to create music that was expressive and non-conforming.

After meeting [the now lead singer] Beth Gibbons, the two realised they had the same musical intentions – that being producing music that drove itself away from the norm. After writing music together, the pair met with jazz-guitarist Adrian Utley at Coach House and recorded together. As a result, ‘Sour Times’ was conceived. Oh and MTV actually played music, who knew?

By 1993, Portishead were a formed band, sound engineer Dave McDonald was included and a three-track demo was created. Universal Music Group’s Go! Beat Records signed Portishead after listening to the demo. This came about as they invited Barrow to play it for them.

A year later, the band released Numb – the mini album released through Go! Beat. It was this same year that the band wrote, arranged a soundtrack and starred in their short film To Kill A Deadman. If you’re familiar with the band’s cover art of their debut record, pay close attention around the three minute mark.

Portishead seemed to be shooting a lot of goals at this early point of their career. They then released their debut record Dummy. This particular release was deemed album of the year by The Face, Melody Maker, Mix Mag and The Daily Telegraph.

As years progressed, the band made greater achievements. Three years after the release of their debut, their self-titled, sophomore album had hit the shelves. The band and fans watched as Portishead skyrocketed in the music charts; particularly in the UK where it sat at number two, behind the Verve‘s Urban Hymns.

The year of 1998 saw the band take to the Jazz World Stage at the Glastonbury Festival. They also released their live album PNYC.

The new millennium had Utley of the group collaborating with film director Nicolas Roeg to soundtrack ‘The Sound Of Claudia Schiffer’ – a silent film for an upcoming BBC series.

The band also created their website Bristol Sounds to promote Bristol’s music scene. It was on this website that by 2001, the band announced that they’d be recording their third album here in Australia!

Another year went by and Portishead had a DVD released containing promo videos for some of the band’s tracks, as well as their short films To Kill A Deadman and Roadtrip.

After Utley’s other project, it was obvious that this point of the band’s life saw the members out and about in the entertainment industry doing their own thing. This was strengthened as Beth Gibbons released her solo album in the year 2002 and toured with it. However, there was never any intention of leaving the Bristol band.

Finally, after years of not really working together publicly, Portishead announced their third album’s release, conveniently titled Third. Seven years after the first announcement of the LP’s recording process, Portishead finally released the record in 2008.

Playing shows here and there, you may have caught the outfit at last year’s Harvest Festival.

An iconic band to the underground scene, we can thank Portishead for being the pioneers of what we now know as trip-hop.

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Having released a bunch of mixtapes and a handful of full length compilations already, CANT SAY residents INDIAN SUMMER DJS continue to give you more party times as they’re releasing their brand new EP Haunted due out on 26th October .

Starting out in 2010, they released their first full length tape Delirious which received a lot of love after it was up for a free download on the Wax Waves site. Since accumulating years of production experience, they’ve made a sweet name for themselves, making you dance at festivals like Splendour In The Grass and Future Music. They’ve also warmed you up at shows through their support slot for FoalsFriendly Fires and Toro Y Moi – just to name a few.

After being added to some pretty big bills, it would only make sense that the guys would celebrate the release of Haunted with a tour. So they are! You can catch Indian Summer DJspin their infectious party tunes at the end of October through to the close of November all around Australia.

The original ‘Haunted’ mix can be heard on this one of many Michael Phelps mixtapes about two to three minutes in.

Also check them out at the Workers Club in Melbourne for Halloween House Of Hell (co-presented by I Oh You and Converse), as well as Western Australia’s Wonderland Festival on New Years Day! If you weren’t aware, public holidays actually mean party.



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DISCOVERY Feat. Frames (DJ Set)


So last week, PURPLE SNEAKERS was welcomed back into Sydney’s nightlife through the birth of DISCOVERY. With a live music trifecta and our resident DJs doing their thing, it was a super prime launch! If you weren’t there, you missed a pretty hip hop happenin’ night but hey, we’ll give you a guilt free pass only if you come party with us this week!

This Friday we’ve got our super bud FRAMES DJing to come and seduce your ear buds with his “handclap disco, hipthrust house and letchairdown techno.” The guy you may know from FBi Radio (94.5 fm), Frames has worked the decks at Splendour In The GrassFuture Music FestivalBig Day OutSt. Jerome’s Laneway Festival and Playground Weekender.

Come and check him out for what is sure to be a fun show!

As well as FramesDISCOVERY will also have the resident DJs on rotation. Come and get to know the guys!

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WIN: Heavy Beach Self-Titled EP (Vinyl) on Purple Sneakers

The super cool Melbourne trio HEAVY BEACH are a band that need to be stuck in your ears right now. Self-describing themselves as a “psych-pop-grunge” outfit, this is the sort of music you should be listening to on lazy Summer days.

With the weather heating up to make you feel all useless and lethargic, Heavy Beach want you to own these days through listening to their brand new self-titled EP, set to be released at the end of this month! Want a copy? Yeah you do!

Heavy Beach recorded the EP with Matt Storey (Howl At The Moon, Papernecks, Tinsmoke) over a weekend last November at Fairfield’s Nick’s Warehouse.

Consisting of layered vocals, smashing, energetic drums, grungey basslines and a guitar that’s caught a dirty distortion bug, Ali Edmonds, Mark Renall and Clayton Pegus mould their musicianship together so perfectly.

Their latest single, ‘Five Days’ is a pretty sweet example of just what this band is so damn good at. Pouring just the right dosage of energy into their rock and roll cocktail, Heavy Beach are determined to throw you back into all the good parts of the 90s.

Before launching the EP (which you can listen to HERE) alongside Lowtide, Nite Fields and Atolls at the Gasometer in Melbourne on Friday, 30th November, Heavy Beach will be releasing the EP through Thornbury Records on 21st November.



In order to win a copy of Heavy Beach‘s EP on vinyl (as well as an instant digital download), comment below and tell us the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you at the beach. The more creative the answer, the better chance you have of winning!

To win, head over to Purple Sneakers where this article was published.

Cloud Nothings Live At The Grog Shop (Free Digital Download)

Garage thrashers CLOUD NOTHINGS are proving to be more than just a growing household name. If you’ve heard their sophomore release, Attack On Memory, you’ll know that they’re one of the finest bands to come out of Cleveland, OH.

After playing a live set at the Grog Shop (based in their hometown), prepare to fall in even deeper love with the guys as the set is available as a free digital download!

Renowned for it’s intimacy between the performer and they’re audience, the Grog Shop is a respected live music venue that has been on it’s feet for a solid twenty years. Hosting local, national and international acts, the guys of Cloud Nothings dropped in for a set back in April of this year.

Playing an array of songs from their growing catalogue, this live EP entices you to have a taste of what their full set would have achieved. Featuring raspy, raw vocals and a heap of jamming, Cloud Nothings can obviously pull a live set together in such an effortlessly cool manner.

The EP predominantly offers songs from their latest record, Attack On Memory – ‘Stay Useless’, ‘Fall In’ and ‘Separation’ as one moulded track, ‘Wasted Days’ and ‘No Sentiment’. To complete this offering, the EP is topped off with ‘Can’t Stay Awake’ that can be found from their debut record, Turning On.

All you have to do is head to THIS link and supply your email address. The live set will be given to you via email.

For those of you who want even more, head to INSOUND to grab a physical, extended copy of the set as CarPark records have released a white label, limited edition vinyl. Be quick though, only 1200 copies of the LP were made!

Catch Cloud Nothings at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival next year! As for you lucky Melbournian and Sydney peeps, check them out in between the festival’s dates.

With special guests Violent Soho

Tuesday, 5th February 2013
Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
Tickets available through Oztix

Wednesday, 6th February 2013
Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Tickets available through Oztix

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LISTEN: Christopher Owens ‘Lysandre’s Theme/Here We Go

Earlier this year, I’m sure that every Girls fan was in a state of shock, terror and outcry when frontman CHRISTOPHER OWENS announced the disbandment of the harmonious duo.

Although this was just horrible news for anyone to have to hear, he did mention that it wasn’t the end of the road for his musical career. And hey, point proven as he has announced the release of his highly-anticipated solo release titled Lysandre. An album written from start to finish entirely by Owens, Lysandre was named after a French lady that Owens met and fell in love with during a festival performance. Not only this, but it was inspired by the first ever Girls tour in the American Summer of 2008.

Owens explains the record as a coming of age story, a road trip story, a love story.” Also not to be mistaken for just a plain old love affair, Owens wants you to dig deeper than that. And now you have a chance to as the first single [with a short preamble] has been released from the former Girls frontman’s debut titled ‘LYSANDRE’S THEME/HERE WE GO‘.

Opening with this short instrumental, ‘Lysandre’s Theme’ sounds as though it belongs in the depths of a forest during medieval times. Or perhaps in the back of Peter Pan’s mind. Either way, either way’s fine. After the flute and acoustic guitar have discontinued singing together, your bones turn to jelly just listening to Owens‘ voice again. Oh Chris, it has been a while.. He is later accompanied by a lady during this fluffy, delicate tune.

Although the solo record is proving promising, you can’t help but feel that overheated rush of nostalgia circulating your brain of how we once knew Owens. Needless to say, this track is very deserving of your attention and is quite adorable regardless of the overpowering love you may have for Girls.

Owens has also made ‘Here We Go’ available as it’s own individual track.

Recorded with former Girls producer, Doug Bohem, Lysandre will be available as of 14th January of next year through Fat Possom and Turnstile music.

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LISTEN: Driffs ‘Someday’

After forming in a Surry Hills sharehouse, Sydney dudes DRIFFS couldn’t be arriving to the scene at a greater time. Their slacker surf pop tunes are to be making the final cut in Summer playlists nationwide. Think Real Estate with a splash of Surfer Blood and a dash of Dune Rats. If you’re a fan of any of these bands, read on!

Originally located from all over the East Coast, the housemates – Arthur, James, Henry and Tom – formed the band just this year. As a result of their musicianship, their tunes has proven to reflect a ray of dreamy, nostalgic vibrancy.

With lyrics like, “I just want to hear the ocean sounds”, you already know their music is going to mould comfortably in Australia’s climate.

Produced by Dean Tuza at Sydney’s REC Studios, the four piece have recently announced the release of their fresh single ‘Someday’ which will be available as a 7″ in the next coming months.


The sun-drenched, melancholic slacker pop bursts with breathy, reverberated vocals and twangy guitars that aim to please as they leave out all the careless, cliché guitar arrangements. A track that is simultaneously well-crafted yet effortlessly cool, ‘Someday’ is a perfect taste of what this surf, almost psychedelic pop band has to offer. It’s completely willing to sooth all your problems and uplift all your senses in as little as four minutes.

Before releasing the 7″, Driffs will be hitting the road with Bleeding Knees Club and Step-Panther throughout Novemeber up until mid-December.

I suggest you go and see them, I feel like these dudes will be going places.


Thursday, 8th November
The Standard, Sydney

Tuesday, 13th November
Moonshakes @ Flinders Hotel, Sydney

Friday, 23rd November
Supporting Bleeding Knees Club at The Standard, Sydney

Saturday, 24th November
Supporting Bleeding Knees Club at Transit Bar, Canberra

Sunday, 25th November
Supporting Bleeding Knees Club at The Lair @ The Metro, Sydney

Saturday, 12th December
Warehouse Party, Gold Coast

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With festival season well on it’s way, 2013 is proving to open up in a highly anticipated, respected manner! But hey, festivals aside, the new year is also hosting some pretty kick-ass international acts as they arrive to our Australian shores in the next coming months.

To add to what is already an overwhelming list, Brooklyn amigos YEASAYER are not only making you dance at St. Jeromes Laneway Festival, they’ll also be playing a show in both Melbourne and Sydney!

Only recently dropping their third album, Fragrant World through Mute/EMI, the outfit are sure to keep you in high spirits as they soar the seas for a much appreciated visit.

Fragrant World was self-produced by the band at Gary’s Electronic Studios in Greenpoint. If you’re yet to have a listen, expect psychedelic electronica, obscure disco undertones and smooth R’n’B.

You’ll also be able to pick up on the love the band possess for synths, keys and kick-drums.

Known to exhibit a killer show, allow the band to seep into your pores with their phenomenal live portrayal.

Have a taste of what I’m talking about through their latest single, ‘Reagan’s Skeleton’ filmed recently as a Pool Session.

And just for old time’s sake, how good is this song still!

If you’re a Penny Drop subscriber, pre-sale tickets are available right now! As for the general public, hop onto the ticket site for your city tomorrow morning at 9am. You’ll also have the option of purchasing a digital copy of Fragrant World that will be available for you shortly after your transaction is complete.


Thursday, 31st January
The Metro Theatre, Sydney
Tickets available from Oztix and Ticketek

Wednesday, 6th February
The Hi Fi, Melbourne
Tickets available from The Hi Fi’s webby

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