LISTEN: Christopher Owens ‘Lysandre’s Theme/Here We Go

by Hannah Galvin

Earlier this year, I’m sure that every Girls fan was in a state of shock, terror and outcry when frontman CHRISTOPHER OWENS announced the disbandment of the harmonious duo.

Although this was just horrible news for anyone to have to hear, he did mention that it wasn’t the end of the road for his musical career. And hey, point proven as he has announced the release of his highly-anticipated solo release titled Lysandre. An album written from start to finish entirely by Owens, Lysandre was named after a French lady that Owens met and fell in love with during a festival performance. Not only this, but it was inspired by the first ever Girls tour in the American Summer of 2008.

Owens explains the record as a coming of age story, a road trip story, a love story.” Also not to be mistaken for just a plain old love affair, Owens wants you to dig deeper than that. And now you have a chance to as the first single [with a short preamble] has been released from the former Girls frontman’s debut titled ‘LYSANDRE’S THEME/HERE WE GO‘.

Opening with this short instrumental, ‘Lysandre’s Theme’ sounds as though it belongs in the depths of a forest during medieval times. Or perhaps in the back of Peter Pan’s mind. Either way, either way’s fine. After the flute and acoustic guitar have discontinued singing together, your bones turn to jelly just listening to Owens‘ voice again. Oh Chris, it has been a while.. He is later accompanied by a lady during this fluffy, delicate tune.

Although the solo record is proving promising, you can’t help but feel that overheated rush of nostalgia circulating your brain of how we once knew Owens. Needless to say, this track is very deserving of your attention and is quite adorable regardless of the overpowering love you may have for Girls.

Owens has also made ‘Here We Go’ available as it’s own individual track.

Recorded with former Girls producer, Doug Bohem, Lysandre will be available as of 14th January of next year through Fat Possom and Turnstile music.

Published on Purple Sneakers.