Our Top Five Picks For Falls Festival 2013

by Hannah Galvin

Young adults like to spend New Years Eve getting ridiculously drunk. Oldies countdown the new year with the fam bam, if they make it to midnight. Fourteen year olds drink goon and dodge the copious amount of police on the Harbour. But then there’s the festivals, the glorious NYE festivals.

You get to watch live music, camp under the stars and surround yourself with like-minded people as you whisk away the previous twelve months and set yourself a new years resolution that you know you won’t stick to.

One of these wonderful NYE music extravaganzas is the Falls Music and Arts Festival.

Falls began as nothing else but an idea that struck a man who goes by the name Simon Daly. He was sitting by a campfire on the Lorne farm, accompanied by friends, family and guitars on New Years Eve back in 1993. He thought the way he was spending that particular New Years Eve was good enough to be enjoyed by a whole community, so he made a goal to expand the festivities to a wider audience.

Just one year later, Lorne welcomed it’s very first Falls Festival with open arms.

A strong decade flew by and Tasmania’s Marion Bay found itself hosting the country’s additional Falls venue.

Sharing majority of the lineup, we thought we’d share with you our top five bands and artists to check out for those of you coming to Falls this NYE!


Absolute heroes, we can’t wait for the men to grace our shores with their unique, psychedelic sound. Just watch this video and you’ll understand why they’ve been given the NYE countdown slot for Marion Bay this year!


Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick BOOM. Yep, check them out. Hyped for their live performance, you’re not going to want to miss these Swedish dudes playing in such a unique and natural setting!


First I want you to consider the environment you’re going to be situated in. It’s going to be beautiful – you’re near the ocean, the stars are going to shine brighter than ever and you’re to be surrounded by really happy people. Now think of the music Beach House create. It’s dreamy charm possesses a real positive vibe. Add these factors together and you’ve got a killer musical experience. You’re welcome.


We need a little dance in our lives, and what better way to enjoy a good jive than to TEED’s catalogue? Composed of sweet synths and sensual lyrics, expect quite the performance from Orlando Higginbottom’s self-directed project. Also take note of his super rad wardrobe.


The Australian boys will be counting down to 2013 for Lorne this year. Considering they’ve got a track titled ‘Count to Ten’ it’s more than fitting that the dance duo take the lead this year. Can’t get better than this (I’m lame).


Falls Festival always manages to conjure quite an elite lineup, and this year is no exception. Yeah this is a top five, but sometimes we bend the rules.

Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise. Need I say more?

Indian Summer + Airwolf – Our very own CANT SAY residents have been invited to Falls this year, and we can’t think of anything better than partying with them for NYE!

Cosmo Jarvis – The young UK man has proven to be nothing short of a genius. Judging by his clips and tunes, I trust that he’s got something pretty rad up his devilish sleeve.

Willis Earl Beal – Dude, this guy is the epitome of cool. I wish I was as funky as him.

Published on Purple Sneakers.