WATCH: Grouplove ‘Ways To Go’ (Official Video)

by Hannah Galvin


LA five piece GROUPLOVE have provided us with information of their new record, Spreading Rumours, set for release this September. When pre-ordering the record, you receive an instant digital download of their new track, ‘Ways To Go’. Haven’t heard it yet? Check it out in video style (directed by Cameron Duddy)!

Set in North Korea, we watch a kid who looks scarily similar to Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. Dismissing his official army green suit, the dude wakes up in party mode and throws on a Hawaiian shirt; infecting the corrupted government of North Korea with his radiant smiles and flowers.

As a result of boycotting war and punishment in this provisional government, the criminals, officials, witnesses and servants break out of their status and join the party posse led by this mini Kim Jong-un lookalike, eventually gracing that hall where Grouplove are playing.

Grouplove‘s Spreading Rumours will be available on 17th September and will feature ‘Ways To Go’. The album can be preordered HERE and ‘Ways To Go’ can be purchased as a single HERE.

Published on Purple Sneakers.