WATCH: JJ Doom ‘Bookhead’ (Official Video)

by Hannah Galvin


Jneiro Jarel and MF DOOM make up American hip hop duo JJ DOOM. Since the release of their track ‘Bookhead’, they’ve recently teamed up with street artist Steve “ESPO” Powers to deliver the track in all its visual glory.

The clip was presented by You Need To Hear this – a British offshoot controlled by Noisey and Philips who compose playlists made up of tracks that they believe deserve your utmost attention.

The super short track takes us on two different journeys, which is somewhat translated into the clip. Exchanging a warrior mask for a reflective security camera headpiece, the persona leaves the convenience store to indulge in some quality reading time at the local bookshop. From porn to literature, there’s definitely a play of perspectives here, which has been artistically documented through the chosen props of ‘Bookhead’s clip.

Check out the clip’s Making Of!

‘Bookhead’ is to feature on JJ DOOM‘s upcoming release Key To The Kuffs Butter Edition – an extension of their 2012 release via Lex Records. The record will be available on 8th July.

Published on Purple Sneakers.