LISTEN: Contrast ‘Dull’

by Hannah Galvin


Carrying a hefty post-punk sound, Melbourne’s Contrast resonate with bands and tunes from the era that the genre was officially born in, right up to the production of sounds that bands of this current decade are creating. Think Joy Division‘s ‘Atmosphere’ and The Pain Of Being Pure At Heart‘s ‘This Love Is Fucking Right’.

They also touch base with the shoegaze community. If I were to run a fine tooth comb through ‘Dull’, I’d expect to find particles of Slowdive‘s ‘Crazy For You’.

It’s due to the harmless fuzz war between the lead guitars feedback and the waterfall of synths. With this, the eagerness of the drums and the effortlessly cool vocal approach offering ‘Dull’ a sense of leadership, you’ll too find that this song is more than applicable to the said genres and is a warm greeting from a talented young group.


Contrast‘s ‘Dull’ can be downloaded as a “Name Your Price” download via the band’s BANDCAMP.

Published on Purple Sneakers.