LISTEN: Hayden James ‘Permission To Love’ (Touch Sensitive Remix)

by Hannah Galvin


Future Classic signee HAYDEN JAMES will see his debut single ‘Permission To Love’ officially drop on Thursday, 4th July. Alongside the original, James has called upon label buddies CHARLES MURDOCH and TOUCH SENSITIVE to each give the track a whole new sound!

The three tracks have been bundled together and tied with a bow in order to give you the entire ‘Permission To Love’ experience. Each purveying a completely different sound, we’re really digging the third and final song of the release – Touch Sensitive‘s remix.

It’s super different to the original. What once was doused in rich synths and fluorescent vocals has been returned for a beat-ridden track. Totally staying true to his distinctive sound, Touch Sensitive has delivered a completely new party with his approach to the dance anthem.

About halfway through, the track enunciates a short series of static synths, before heading back to its original tropical vibe. This journey back to the remix’s initial theme sees itself in limbo due to the repetition of beats and vocal samples. This is experienced again at the very end of the track with a particular dominance on the heavy beat.

The remix package is to be officially released through Future Classic on Thursday, 4th July. Grab it digitally on BEATPORT and on 12″ vinyl through WORDANDSOUND.

Published on Purple Sneakers.