LISTEN: King Khan & The Shrines ‘Born To Die’

by Hannah Galvin


Berlin based KING KHAN & THE SHRINES have finally finished up their forthcoming record Idle No More that will be released in September of this year! While we wait for these next few months to pass, Khan and the huge band have released a single from the album, titled ‘Born To Die’.

Idle No More is the follow up to the six year old album, What Is?! and will be released via Merge Records on 3rd September, 2013.

According to Merge, we can expect “sweat-drenched, ass-shaking, groovy psyched-out numbers complete with rip-roaring horn lines, southern-fried guitar riffs and lysergic melodies” on Idle No More.

It’s lucky they mentioned all that, as we wouldn’t want ‘Born To Die’ to be the record’s only track combining all of these elements!

A woozy mantra of guitars injected with psychedelia, solid riffs, lightly reverberated vocals kissing the lips of the 60s and majestic, percussive builds take up the bulk of ‘Born To Die’. Painting the tracks final minute however is an evolution of these aforementioned horns; elongating the instrumentation prevalent at the opening of the song. This brings a cinematic touch to the track, ultimately allowing it to feel as though it goes for longer than it should.

A super fun track for both the dancing variety and the introverted head-boppers, ‘Born To Die’ is a really exciting peep of what we can soon view entirely of King Khan & The Shrines‘ Idle No More.

Published on Purple Sneakers.