LISTEN: Lone ‘Begin To Begin’

by Hannah Galvin


British producer Matt Cutler has just released his track ‘Airglow Fires’ under his moniker LONE. To be distributed as a 12″ single via R&S, it will also feature the track’s B-side, ‘Begin To Begin’.

The luminous double track is the first proper follow up from Lone‘s 2012 release Galaxy Garden. Sticking to the floaty environment of what this three-track EP beckoned, ‘Airglow Fires’/’Begin To Begin’ embraces a really beautiful feeling as both of these lengthy tracks tread through a soothing body of tranquil water.

‘Begin To Begin’ submerges from behind the punchy series of beats and rhythms that take place in ‘Airglow Fires’. By the end of the first track, we’re set up for a slower, more chilled arrangement, as this last little chapter of ‘Airglow Fires’ takes on a theme that rolls on over to ‘Begin To Begin’.

From the moment you hit play, a sudden sophistication blossoms through the spaced out beats and flutey sounds of the track. Upon listening, subtle elements fill certain areas, such as the recorded pouring of a drink in the first minute. This helps dissolve any tension you may have had prior to hearing ‘Begin To Begin’, as it offers a courteous moment of ease and relaxation.

The underlying melody guides the entire tune, swimming through a jazzed up river of oblivion. Caught in the daze, Lone offers just one line of lyricism before the track takes a swift turn, “Am I dreaming, am I awake?”.

Lone‘s ‘Airglow Fires’/’Begin To Begin’ is to be physically released on 12″ vinyl via R&S on 9th July.

Published on Purple Sneakers.