LISTEN: Peter & The Magician ‘On My Brain’ ft. Sophie Galpin

by Hannah Galvin


THE MAGICIAN and YUKSEK have once again teamed up to release their collaborative EP under the name PETER & THE MAGICIAN. As the EP is readily available, we’ve cast our attention on its title track, ‘On My Brain’ with vocals from SOPHIE GALPIN.

The intro of ‘On My Brain’ reminds me of a spaceship, as an ascending galactic synth climbs up the opening of the song, building us up as listeners before it lands on its desired stomping ground. And boy, does it stomp, as the beat by this point sounds as though it’s on a mission through its heavy, even drops.

An abundance of gliding rhythms, samples and percussive elements all contribute to the nature of the track, but the cherry on top would have to be the lyricism and delivery of Sophie Galpin‘s vocals.

Also featuring a Disco Dub Mix and the track ‘Peter Pan’ featuring JD SamsonPeter & The Magician‘s On My Brain is available now through the label PARTYFINE (founded by Yuksek).

Published on Purple Sneakers.