PREMIERE: Motion Picture Actress ‘Water Lyf’ ft. Keiiko

by Hannah Galvin


Known as Thomas Brydon by his birth certificate, and MOTION PICTURE ACTRESS through his creative talent, this young producer has just handed us three minutes and ten seconds of absolute bliss with his first single for 2013 titled ‘Water Lyf’. To make this delivery that much more exciting, PURPLE SNEAKERS have the track’s official premiere!

The guy who has warmed up the stage for names such as LapaluxCollarbonesOliver Tank and Chet FakerMotion Picture Actress is definitely an act you want to be scribbling down the name of, as he’s sure to exhale some pretty big and exciting sounds in the future; such as his upcoming mini-LP release to follow up his 2011 debut EP, Natural Ghost.

In the meantime though, we’ve been treated with Brydon’s first single of 2013, ‘Water Lyf’, that touches on his hip-hop and jazzy background, intertwined with a slippery, chilled out electronic drive and features vocals from Brisbane’s Keiiko.

This track wastes no time in building up to a sturdy beat, as the very first drop of sound ricochets throughout the tunnel of ‘Water Lyf’. Reverberation makes up a lot the song’s character, as it penetrates through the fluffy vocals of Keiiko that are tastefully accompanied by both the whispers and shouts of the keylines and synth samples. Tagged as “Dripwave” by Motion Picture Actress‘ label Silo Arts & Records, this definitely is a watery product of the electronic market, accomplished in a touching, ethereal manner.

‘Water Lyf’ has been released through Internet label Silo Arts & Records and is available now as a free digital download! Get your hands on this beauty.

The forthcoming mini-LP is due for co-release via Silo Arts & Records and Frenchkiss Label Group later on this year. More details on that to come in the not too distant future!

Published on Purple Sneakers.