The Avalanches To Release Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album

by Hannah Galvin


Last night, The Guardian’s acting culture editor Nosheen Iqbal was quick to delete freshly posted tweets on her personal Twitter account, announcing that THE AVALANCHES are to finally release their ridiculously wanted sophomore record in February of 2014.

The tweets read,

Modular news scoop: New Avalanches album out in February 2014. 30 songs done and mixed. Heard some ystday + they sound exactly the same../But in a really GOOD way

Although now floating around in the Internet’s recycling bin, the information – if true – is no longer a secret thanks to Iqbal’s social media usage. Although this isn’t the first time we’ve heard news on any sort of sophomore action at The Avalanches HQ, could it finally be time for album number two?

To say that this is the most anticipated sophomore release in Australia’s music history would be a massively colossal call, though considering its prolonged lead up, it’s most definitely plausible.

The Avalanches dropped their debut album Since I Left You in the year 2000; the same record that was voted by Triple J listeners as the ninth greatest Australian album of all time. Seven years on from its release, the band announced on their website that they had started working on new material for a “hip hop inspired album”.

But we’re not in 2007 anymore. A further six years on and we’re still twiddling our thumbs as we await any sort of news on The Avalanches‘ second LP. So if Iqbal’s news is indeed factual, Modular, the band’s label, have done a very good job on keeping on the down low on this breakthrough. Up until now anyway.

It’s also been rumoured that the band will release a brand new single from the forthcoming release this September.

Published on Purple Sneakers.