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Category: Competition

WIN: Namine ‘Celestial Love’ Album Launch Double Pass


Young producer NAMINE has just released his debut LP Celestial Love through Bossman Music and boy is it a goody! Made up of ambient electronic instrumentation with waves of serenity and curiosity crashing against the album’s walls, it truly is a stunning release. Read the rest of this entry »

WIN: High Highs Sydney & Melbourne Show Double Passes


Sydney-born, Brooklyn-based duo HIGH HIGHS are just one day away from their own Sydney show (with Melbourne following) after having just supported Vampire Weekend around the US. Judging by previous performances and the high demand of seeing this band play, it’s sure to be a pretty mesmerising set for both states in such intimate settings. Read the rest of this entry »

WIN: Yacht Club DJs @ GoodGod Double Pass


So you must be aware that Victoria duo YACHT CLUB DJS are in the midst of their Mayhem Tour. Circling around the country, they’re spreading their infectious mash of [self-described] rock, dance, pop, metal and cartoon. This is pretty evident in their latest installment – the ‘Find Me A Macchiato Pronto’ mixtape. Read the rest of this entry »

WIN: Outer Bass Sound Party Double Pass


In this world, there are two producers who go by the names of RUBIO and TOKOLOSHE. They make music a little different to many of their musical sisters and brothers as they thrive on alternative bass music. With this similarity, the two joined forces in their far away sonic planet and created OUTER BASS SOUND. Read the rest of this entry »

WIN: Flume Infinity Prism Tour Melbourne Double Pass


I’m not even going to bother introducing FLUME to you. I’m sure even your grandmothers know who the young producer is. What I will let you know is that his first ever headline tour is coming up, and we want to get you and your personally selected gig buddy there! Read the rest of this entry »

WIN: Bloc Party Australian Sideshow Double Passes

When you found out that BLOC PARTY were included on this year’s Future Music bill, did you shriek with excitement? Read the rest of this entry »

WIN: Sleigh Bells Big Day Out Sideshows Double Passes

Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller make up the Brooklyn duo SLEIGH BELLS – but you probably already knew that. What you also might know is that the two are going to be hitting up Australia this week as they circulate our country for 2013′s Big Day Out! Read the rest of this entry »

WIN: Cosmo Jarvis Australian Tour Double Passes

COSMO JARVIS is a top dude. He’s given us three wonderful albums and has created some sick films in his young life, which can be found and praised even further all over YouTube. To top it all off, he’s coming to Australia to say hello and will be playing a total of eleven shows! Read the rest of this entry »

WIN: Wonderland Festival Double Pass

So if you’re a loyal PURPLE SNEAKERS fangal, you’d know that we’ve already told you about Western Australia’s Wonderland Festival Read the rest of this entry »

WIN: Logitech UE and Music Feeds Festival Experience

Hooooly shit. You don’t want to miss out on this. Our buddies at Logitech UE and Music Feeds want to give you a ridiculously amazing festival experience! Read the rest of this entry »