Collarbones Presents Companion Film ‘Die Young’

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a fan of Collarbones. They’ve recently released ‘Die Young’ – the newest addition to their chill wave, R’n’B, “porn groove” catalogue. (A review of the sophomore release can be found HERE).

But what is more exciting about this release is that it was accompanied with a short film, sharing the same title.

Shot by Parisian film-maker Michael Salerno, ‘Die Young’ features three freezing cold males in an enchanting forest of Stockholm. Through the use of slow panning, repetitive camera takes, stunning camera angles and beautiful composition, we are presented with a truly spine-tingling insight into a world of the unknown.

“After spending a lot of time immersing myself in the songs, I came up with the idea for the film that it would be about a group of teenage ghosts – kids that had just been killed and were now stuck in some sort of limbo, like soul holograms of sorts. There’s something about one’s teenage years that I think always feels so moody and intense, and always tinged with a sense of melancholy when looking back, and I feel like the record captures that feeling really beautifully, as well as all the awkwardness and hyper-sincerity of teenage desire and love.”

The film exhibits Salerno’s intentions flawlessly and is exemplified through the use of narration led by the duo’s Marcus Whale, as well as Adam Lippmann and Justin Wolfers.

Featuring the chilling ‘Soul Hologram’, the hauntingly beautiful ‘Red’ and the schizophrenic ‘Hypothermia’, all from the new record, give yourself ten minutes to do nothing but immerse yourself in this stunning short film.

Die Young from Kiddiepunk Film on Vimeo.