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Cult band BIG STAR were a group who never really found success during their four-year lifetime. They’re one of those bands who were picked up and deeply adored by many a lot further down the track, inspiring the start of many musical careers; such as R.E.MPrimal ScreamThe Replacements and Teenage Fanclub. Read the rest of this entry »



With the HARVEST FESTIVAL lineup freshly announced, we now know that Californian band EELS will be dropping by our Australian doorstep, alongside the hugely exciting MASSIVE ATTACKTHE DRONESNEUTRAL MILK HOTEL and a whole lot more! In celebration of such exciting news, we thought it was time to take a look at the first official Eels record. Read the rest of this entry »

FLASHBACK: Moog Instruments

Bob Moog

Synthesizer pioneer and inventor BOB MOOG was probably the coolest nerd on the planet. Thanks to Mr. Moog, the deliverance of the synthesizer and its funny, quirky sounds, which is now heavily used in our music world, was created. Read the rest of this entry »

FLASHBACK: The Breeders ‘Last Splash’


Regardless of the members fleeting in and out, THE BREEDERS will always best be remembered as the four who appeared on the 1993 record Last Splash. Hitting its 20th year anniversary, we’re very excited to announce that this particular album’s lineup will be touring the seminal record around Australia this October! Read the rest of this entry »



Have you ever actually wondered where we pulled our name Purple Sneakers from? Because it definitely wasn’t put in order through the inspiration of a violet pair of Chuck Taylors.. We’re paying homage to Australian legends YOU AM I as they released a song titled ‘Purple Sneakers’ on their 1995 sophomore record Hi Fi Way. Read the rest of this entry »

FLASHBACK: Belle And Sebastian ‘If You’re Feeling Sinister’ Pitchfork Classic Documentary


In 1996, Glasgow group BELLE AND SEBASTIAN conceived their sophomore full-length record titled If You’re Feeling Sinister. A record that was not initially superbly spoken of, it has become a highly original and timeless piece of art due to its momentous consistency. Read the rest of this entry »

FLASHBACK: Violent Femmes

Violent Femmes

Some time ago, there were three dudes who had a band. They’d play the streets in their hometown, Milwaukee, in order to create a fanbase. When they did so, they were eventually picked up by The Pretenders, and found themselves opening for the said group. Years, albums and disbandment later, they are now noted as the Grandfathers of folk-punk. Read the rest of this entry »


The short-lived dreamy pop shoegazers SLOWDIVE lived quite a short life. They experienced some great times yet watched their career as a band devolve from there. Read the rest of this entry »